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Hangzhou Qianzhou Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacture supplier of circular knitting machines. The history of our company can be traced back to the Jiangbian Socks Machine Factory in 1980.

CE number: 101217/HCQ946

Our main products are circular knitting machines of various sizes and styles. Mainly can be divided into the following four series:

1, rib series: seamless rib cuffs machine, beauty salon ball machine, rib hat machine, etc.;

2, terry series: terry scouring pad machine, wrist band, headband machine, terry hair band machine, terry finger band machine, microfiber cloth machine, terry bath cloth machine, etc.;

3, plain series: cotton cloth/bag machine, mesh cloth/bag machine, color-change/ monochrome scouring pad machine, steel scouring pad machine, color-change/monochrome bath machine, color-change/monochrome hat machine, wire cleaning ball machine, wire mesh machine, color-change/ monochrome dyeing test machine, etc.;

4, jacquard series: jacquard scouring pad machine, double-sided jacquard scouring pad machine, jacquard hair band machine, jacquard hat machine, jacquard socks machine and so on.

Our products exported to many cities, countries and regions at local and abroad. Enjoy a good reputation among our customers. The style of knitting products is changing with each passing day. Your demand is the driving force for our continuous research and development.

We listen to your demands, with advanced technical equipment, scientific processing technology, and strong research and development strength, produce tailor-made high-quality equipment for you. With the precision and stability of the machine, you can have worry-free production, and worry-free after-sales.

We also provide you with a one-stop service, from knitting equipment to supporting equipment and the corresponding raw yarns. It helps you solve all kinds of problems. So you can easily purchase machines and raw materials with sample and detail requirements.

Due to high demand of customers, we offer a complete set of very mature sponge scouring pad manufacturing equipment (including scouring pad knitting equipment, automatic plug sponge equipment, automatic welding n shearing machine, etc.), which is fully automated and greatly reduced. Human resources and production costs can be reduced greatly.


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