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sponge machines send to Vietnam

In October, after the National Day, the harvest season is coming.

The sponge machine, cuff machine, net bag machine, bathing machine, hair band machine, dyeing machine, hat knitting machine, etc. produced by our factory.
all kinds of new equipments are sold in batches and sailed to various countries.

The container that was sent today will arrive in Vietnam in about 10 days. The export is a batch of kitchen supplies knitting equipment, which is a renewal from an old customers.

The customer has placed orders many times. We have witnessed the company's gradual growth, the growing scale of production, and the increasing number of machine orders. Accompanying customers growing up together,this feeling is excellent!

We sincerely hope that more and more customers, with our cooperation, can grow from small to large, from big to bigger, will gradually become successful and have a bright future!


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